Best Cloud backup solutions

How secure is your data? You know that backups are important. You may already have a local backup to protect against hardware failure. That’s a great beginning, but if you’re not storing your data offsite also, it’s not really safe. Thieves, fire, and natural disasters happen, so adding online backup is essential to protect your data.

Alas, there are many cloud backup solutions available, and they are more affordable than ever. To help you cut to the chase, we’re highlighting six of our favorite online backup services today. PC Magazine has turned their analytical gaze toward each of these products.


On the one year plan, iDrive offers 1TB of online storage. You can continuously back-up and access data on multiple computers; macOS and Windows. And if you’re bandwidth challenged, iDrive Express will even let you store & retrieve your data on a hard drive shipped to your home/office. PCMag’s full review of iDrive ➞

Crash Plan

​One of the slickest and most comprehensive backup solutions, CrashPlan works on most desktop operating systems, offers unlimited online storage. You can even backup your desktop to another computer or external drive. Another very great feature: Should you ever accidentally overwrite something important, you can revert to any of the previous revisions saved by CrashPlan. PCMag’s full review of CrashPlan ➞

SOS Online Backup

If speedy transfers and a top-notch user interface are a priority for you, SOS Online Backup is a great pick. SOS is the fastest service that our sister site PCMag has tested, and file recovery is a snap. The entry-level storage plan only offers 50GB of storage, and jumping up to a full 1TB can get quite expensive. But if you’re mostly concerned about backing up documents and photos, the lowest tier is worth considering. SOS backup review.


If you just need a simple backup solution for one computer, Carbonite offers unlimited cloud storage at a price that is very enticing and you can manage your own encryption key. What does that mean? Even if a thief were to gain access to your data on Carbonite, they can’t access your unencrypted files without your key.


Want to manage exactly what gets backed up and when? SpiderOakOne is for you. Storage packages from 100GB to 5TB, you can keep as many computers backed up and synced as you need. Its versatility comes with a steep price.

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