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Every day more business owners are switching to Managed IT Services

Managed IT Services

You hire experts to handle the legal and accounting aspects of your company, but what about your IT?
Our Managed IT Services give your small and mid-sized business the proactive IT service it needs to really perform.

We can design and implement powerful, scalable IT (Information Technology) solutions for your businesses. Gain a competitive edge with business information at your fingertips, in milliseconds or nanoseconds using our managed IT services, IT outsourcing services, IT consulting and CIO services.

Cloud Computing

Move some or all of your IT functions to the cloud. Enjoy anywhere, anytime computing, minimize IT costs and maximize uptime.

Firewall & Security

We provide security services to safeguard you and your business, so you can remain productive and competitive.

Managed IT Services

Since every client’s needs vary, our Columbus based Managed IT and Tech Support services will identify and address your unique needs.

Recovery & Backup

Comprehensively secure your vital business data, and restore operations as quickly as possible with minimal loss of data.

BITS Rescue

Our IT support team has brought businesses back from the brink of bad IT services. Is your data being held hostage? We can help you.

Virtual Servers

Do more with less by virtualizing your technology with electronic delivery through the internet.

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