3 Avoidable Mistakes that Cause Data Loss

We all know how important data security should be to your organization. Whether it is a global security threat, a rogue employee or a simple user error that opens the door, your company’s productivity can skid to a screeching halt. Lately, these scenarios have become inevitable.

Let’s examine 3 realistic scenarios and how you can prevent them:

Scenario #1 – The Dreaded Coffee Spill
A beverage spill can result in the loss of any unsaved files. Occurring in a panic situation – like the moments before a presentation – and the desperation can lead to insecure ways of trying to get back your data.


Be Prepared – Be able to easily integrate files across different devices & operating systems (like Android and iOS). When one device goes down, another can be swapped to take its place. Consider real-time backup capability to eliminate the stress of losing a critical file. Your latest version of your moment-critical data will be at your fingertips.

Scenario #2 – Please Tell Me You Didn’t Open That  Email.
It’s all over the news. With ransomware outbreaks like “WannaCry” and “Petya data wiper” virus, everyone should be aware. Typically ransomware threats hide within a phishing email. Just one innocent click can unleash a widespread shut down of your business, and other businesses as well. Unprepared and panicking businesses continue to pay the ransom money, so everyone’s data is up for grabs.

Be Prepared – Educating your employees on how to spot these emails. Make sure that your system has the ability to perform a mass rollback of your files and folders to the moment. Be able to fine-tune the rollback to the moment just before the ransomware infection occurred. Verify that the data is available across devices so you you can quickly get back to business as usual. Prevention is cheaper than cure.


Scenario #3 – A bitter employee is about to walk out the door with your data.
Data shows that nearly half of all employees share log-ins with coworkers, who knows who has access to what type of data. Similar to Waymo vs. Uber, a former employee who shares confidential data with a competitor can inflict a lot of damage to a company. Not limited to just your company’s intellectual property, a former employee could compile coworkers’ financial data, private information, and even modify your company documents remotely – without your knowledge. Be Prepared

  1. Standardize and mandate a corporate solution against the storage of corporate information on personal devices.
  2. Allow your IT administrators to manage all users, all devices, policies, files and sharing activities, including full access to end-user content.
  3. Retract user permissions, at a granular level, to keep your peace of mind during an employee’s final days with the company.

Unexpected downtime is always stressful, but having the right protocols in place to grab files immediately and from any device, with the proper controls, are a few ways to significantly bolster security at work and possibly insulate your business from catastrophic failure.

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