Hackers want in: 5 steps to keep them out.

As you’re reading this sentence, online theft is taking place. Cyber-attacks have become a scary reality for virtually every individual and organization. No matter the size of the business, the looming threat of hackers on a mission to steal information is real.

Fortunately, by taking the proper precautions, your business can avoid the online threat and protect yourself from any future problems that threaten to arise.

Here are 5 steps you can take to increase your protection:

1. Change your passwords regularly
Passwords should always be unique to each user. Password strength in terms of multiple numbers, case-sensitive characters and random symbols is only the first line of defense.

Usernames and passwords are a hacker’s gateway into your business’s operating system. Keep Internet thieves away by changing both your username & password and mandating employees to change theirs monthly. It is not nearly as painful as cleaning up after a cyber attack.

2. Choose the right ISP
There’s a saying…’A castle is only as strong as its walls’.  The same is true with your business’s ISP (internet service provider). Not all Internet service providers are built the same or created equal. When choosing an Internet provider, it shouldn’t just be about speed and price. You should also be looking at the provider’s built-in security features.

3. Keep an eye on the spy(ware)
Take a lesson from the Trojans…don’t let that horse through your business’s front door till it’s been checked for viruses and other malicious software. Install robust, self updating anti-virus programs and a strong network firewall.

4. Encrypt customer data
McAfee Security surveyed 500 mid-sized American companies and found that 45% of them thought their businesses weren’t considered “valuable enough” to be targeted by hackers. Hackers often exploit this vulnerability and deliberately target small to mid-sized businesses.
If a customer’s information is compromised in any way, the consequences can be catastrophic. We can help you choose the right encryption.

5. Limit access and block unnecessary sites
When you limit access to certain online information, you lower the chances of a security breach, so it’s good practice to make sure only the necessary users have access to certain data.

Blocking certain sites from being viewed will lessen the chance of spyware carrying sites from being opened in your business’s network.

Practicing online safety every day will ensure the security of your business, keeping hackers at bay, and making sure your business’s cyberspace is safe and sound. Contact Custom Cabling Services to get more information on firewall and online security solutions for your business.

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