You’ve probably noticed that the modern workplace looks a lot ­different than it did just five years ago, and technology is both driving the change and enabling it. While there is a lot of talk about the future of work, I’d argue that the future has arrived, and any business that isn’t operating in it already has some catching up to do.

Business owners know that to meet the expectations of their customers, they have to build a culture of collaboration among their employees. To satisfy the busy lives of today’s workers, which demand flexible schedules and remote work opportunities, businesses must deploy the right mix of technologies to support collaboration. This presents a challenge as well as an opportunity for IT leaders.

The Technology for Collaboration Is Here

The good news is that the solutions needed to build a modern workplace have already arrived. High-quality video conferencing, secure and fast file sharing, instant messaging, productivity apps and more are available from some of the world’s most well-known technology brands.

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Although it appears that finding the right balance of technology applications then implementing them is no easy task without help. In “The Modern Workforce Insight Report,” 41% of businesses said it’s very challenging to find the perfect mix of solutions. 39% also said when they do, it’s a difficult process to successfully transition employees.

However, building a collaborative workplace supported by the right tech isn’t merely worth the effort. To meet the demands of modern customers and employees, it’s absolutely necessary. The longer you wait to begin to take advantage of all the business tech offered, the harder the transition will be.

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