Cloud-Based Phone System: good for small businesses?

A cloud phone (cloud-based phone system) is a phone service that enables calls over the internet, replacing the traditional use of fiber optic or copper wires for connections. Cloud phones are hosted in one or more secure offsite data centers.

The adoption of cloud phone systems has been accelerated in recent years to accommodate the emergence of remote workforces and streamline software solutions by eliminating on-site hardware from businesses.

Advantages of cloud phones include:

  1. Scalability to accommodate growth
  2. Elimination of on-site hardware and maintenance
  3. Increased team responsiveness, productivity, and efficiency
  4. Integration of third-party software
  5. Easy integration into the existing phone line

We have learned that circumstances can change rapidly, and these changes heavily influence the development of communications and the way business is conducted. Once a business grows beyond a team of one, decentralization brings flexibility, scalability, and enhances team collaboration.

How do cloud phone systems streamline communications?


When you have your phone system on-site, it is powered by servers usually located in a temperature-controlled telecom closet. Your monthly invoices vary depending on your agreement. The hardware requires maintenance, upgrades, and replacement costs.


With a cloud phone system, you only pay a monthly subscription that provides you access to an off-site system. Your subscription fee depends on the number of devices or “seats” you have in use at a given time. For the most part, these fees are all-inclusive, meaning there are no extra charges for usage or voice features, ensuring predictable costs every month.

As your business grows, a cloud-based phone system can save you significant money. The PBX is maintained by your provider, who also handles updates and maintenance. The only on-site hardware you need to install for a cloud system is a power-over-ethernet switch, a firewall, and cloud-compatible telephones.

Expandability is easy and cost-effective.

You can even keep your business’s traditional phone configuration and install a VoIP adapter. With an adapter, you can use a regular landline phone to make calls over the Internet. The adapters plug into a phone socket in the wall or directly into your router.

However, if you’re looking to upgrade, there are numerous options for cloud-based phone systems. Read more here: How to Find the Best Cloud-Based Phone System for Your Business.

Cloud-based systems have proven to be extremely reliable. In case of any problems, tech support can address them remotely with minimal downtime. (We also provide IT services.)

Cloud phone systems offer the latest features.

A cloud system is provided through an Internet connection, allowing all its features to be delivered virtually. This is advantageous because the voice features you need are not limited to the number of ports available in your office system or the type of server you have installed. With a cloud phone system, you can set up as many conference bridges, voice mailboxes, and extensions as your business requires.

Whenever new features become available, you won’t have to replace the entire system because your provider will handle all the upgrades. Here are some of the most beneficial features you can take advantage of with a cloud-based system:

  • Video conferencing and multi-party calls
  • Hold messages and hold music
  • Forwarding voicemail messages to email
  • Intelligent call forwarding
  • Interactive audio menus serving as auto attendants

Find answers to any additional questions you may have about switching your business to VoIP, here

Embracing today’s technology checks all of the right boxes for business; reliability, expansion, team collaboration, and stable costs.

Here at Custom Cabling Services, we can answer questions and provide a detailed estimate to bring your business up to speed.

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