As the outbreak continues to spread across the country, more and more companies are closing their doors. For those that remain open, adopting stronger measures to protect employees from contracting and spreading the virus is of utmost importance.

Although no one can be sure of what the next couple weeks or months may hold for us, companies should be preparing for these changes, and should also be considering how their security systems can help them mitigate risks in the wake of COVID-19.

Access Control System Review

As you make operational decisions in response to COVID-19, you should ensure your threat mitigation policy is reflected in your access control system.

For instance, schools that have canceled or postponed community activities should revisit their lock/unlock and alarm open/close schedules to make sure their building is properly armed. You might also need to deactivate or suspend individuals’ access control cards to reflect these changes.

All operational decisions should be reinforced within your organization’s access control settings, so you can control the environment as best as you can.

You may also want to use this as an opportunity to audit your access privileges to make sure the right people have access to the right areas of the building.

Remote Services & Support Review

If your business has sent staff home and temporarily closed your doors to visitors and contractors, you will need to leverage remote services and support for some business functions, including security.

Many technology manufacturers and security providers have remote services in place for learning and support. Most offer remote training capabilities and online learning opportunities that allow training and certifications remotely. Leverage these when possible to help maintain your security program.

While organizations continue to evaluate this dynamic situation, it’s important to take inventory of the tools you have at your disposal that may help you reinforce the safety and security policies of your organization.

Businesses are refining their response plans and can look to their security systems to further mitigate risks – not just in response to COVID-19, but in response to any new change in policy.

Be sure your business is prepared for whatever might be around the corner. We’re here for you. Contact Custom Cabling today.

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