8 Big reasons your business needs access control.

As it should be, building security is a common concern for most businesses. Yet many owners may not see the need or value of an access control system.

Why does my business need an Access Control System?

Let’s discuss some of the most common reasons Central Ohio businesses call us for help with access control:

1. People can enter your building or restricted area without your knowledge.

This may not sound like a big deal but you probably don’t want your employees, customers, or vendors to be able to enter the building at any time.

For any business owners who are frustrated because employees are entering the building on the nights or weekends without their knowledge, can find a solid solution in access control. In addition, any unmonitored activity inside your business can lead to all sorts of issues, especially when it comes to our next item.


2. Most employees steal.

No business owner wants to think their employees would steal from them. However, statistics show that a staggering 75% of employees will steal from their employer at least once.

Simply having access control can not prevent theft entirely, but it can definitely hinder it by prohibiting employees from accessing the building during off-hours or outside of their shifts. In addition, security cameras are an extra added measure of protection.


3. Doors are accidentally left unlocked.

No one means to leave doors unlocked, but it happens. The problem is that it can put your employees, your property, and your assets at risk. Access control gives you the peace of mind of knowing that your business is safe and secure at all times.


4. People lock themselves out.

Maybe you’ve been in a position when an employee has arrived early and then has to wait on someone with a key to unlock the facility. Or maybe an employee ran out to their car and returned to find that the door was locked. This can be both aggravating and a waste of time for your team and management. Digital access allows you, or an authorized person, to unlock the door remotely using an app on your phone.


5. The dreaded “rekeying”.

We’ve seen it time and time again, someone loses their key, or an employee was fired but didn’t give the keys back. You can’t have keys to your business out there in the world, putting your business at risk. So, now you need to collect everyone’s keys and pay the often steep fees involved with rekeying all the entry points. Not only can rekeying doors be expensive, but it’s a hassle to redistribute keys to the right team members. With an access control system, each employee can have their own code to enter the building, so if an employee leaves, you simply render their code inactive – much, much simpler.


6. It’s good to KNOW.

As a business owner or facility manager, you need to get a better handle on who is accessing the building and when. With your digital access control system, you can monitor in real time, or draw up data as needed. For example, your HR manager may want to know if an employee is habitually late to work. Check your access code log to see precise entry and exit times. Access control gives you solid data about when and where people are entering your facility.


7. Keep off-limit areas, off-limits.

If you have offices or rooms with sensitive equipment, information, cash or securities, you need to restrict and monitor access. Access control will make certain areas of your business more secure.


8. Automate openings and closings.

Some businesses call us because they want their doors to automatically unlock and lock at specific times. Using an access control feature to handle this for you can reduce a lot of the hassle.

You can even take it a step further and tie in your lights and temperature into your access control system. That way lighting, heating, and air can turn on at designated times. Not only can this level of automation make things easier, but it can also reduce energy costs.

How much does an access control system cost?

Essentially, access control systems are a security measure used to regulate entry into your facility and allow you to restrict who enters your building, where they can go once they’re in the building, and what times they are allowed to go there.

Although the solutions will vary depending on your business’s specific needs, access control can also help you build layers of security. For example, you can add gates to secure the perimeter, then further secure the building with front door key card access. Additionally, you can make floors and individual offices restricted to certain individuals and at designed times.

The best way to determine exactly what your business needs is through a thorough on-site assessment. We can help you design an access control system that will improve your security and solve any issues you are facing in your business.

It’s time to simplify and improve your security.

Ready to get started? Custom Cabling can help. Give us a call.

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